Our story
We’re a small team that has a big impact on the over 75 million students and 1.7 million educators using our products.

You'd think killer domain names are our secret sauce, but we know that the first product is our team. We seek to cultivate self-managed teams that constantly ship. We succeed together, never stop improving, and infuse every action with empathy.

Years Operating
Countries Worldwide
1.7 million+
75 million+

Our Product Milestones

September 2001

Transforming typing skills through an immersive, engaging platform.

August 2011

Revolutionizing typing skills through an immersive, engaging platform.

January 2022

Empowering all with accessible literacy resources for every learner.

October 2022

Accelerating math education with engaging learning experiences.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are the unshakeable qualities that describe the character of each person.

Confident Humility

Humility values team success over personal credit, acknowledging skills modestly. It balances confidence and acknowledgment, fostering genuine teamwork


Hunger drives hard work and initiative to aid team success. Self-motivated and diligent, hungry individuals fill gaps, take on responsibilities, and seek opportunities.

People Smarts

Wisdom in interpersonal skills, often termed emotional intelligence, involves empathy and understanding in team interactions, considering the impact of words and actions.
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From the Founder

I founded Teaching.com with the simple goal of helping kids learn proper touch typing skills. I never expected we would end up helping so many millions of students and teachers around the world.

With over 75 million students and over 1.7 million educators using our products in their classrooms and home, we are proud to continue providing the best educational experience possible.

We might not be able to call ourselves a start-up anymore, but we still foster the same excitement and drive to change the future of education.