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We’re changing online education by building exciting products that equip students and teachers with the tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Our Educational Products

What if teaching your child to read felt like magic?’s research-backed, phonics-based lessons are fully scripted so they don’t require any special training or knowledge for you to become the most powerful teacher your child will ever have. It's a fun, co-play experience designed by education experts for you to teach your child to read — with the love, care, and joy only a parent and child can share.

Visit → is a FREE online typing tutor, used by millions of students and professionals world-wide. The free Teacher Portal provides educators with all the tools they need to guide students in building important career and life skills including Typing, Tech Readiness, Computer Basics, Online Safety and Behavior, Career Prep, and Coding Essentials.

U s e d   b y   o v e r   2 2 M   s t u d e n t s   &   4 0 0 K   T e a c h e r s


Short for Educación Tecnológica, Edutec was developed exclusively for the Spanish-speaking market. This one-of-a-kind product provides students around the world with fundamental technology education–preparing them for their future with key career and life skills.

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a free, real-time competitive typing game, pitting racers against each other in an all-out, nitro-fueled drag race.

With over 1 million races a day, Nitro Type integrates educational content with high-intensity gaming to keep students engaged and begging for more!

Coming soon, will change the way you study!

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About Us

We believe that the best learning happens when self-directed, uncoerced, and rooted in fun. We infuse this into everything we build, unlocking children's instinct to learn. We are a passionate team continually pushing the boundaries of online learning and product development.

Small Team,
Big Impact

Creating educational software that users are fanatical about

We’re a small team that has a big impact on the over 75 million students and 1.7 million educators using our products. You'd think killer domain names are our secret sauce, but we know that the first product is our team. We seek to cultivate self-managed teams that constantly ship. We succeed together, never stop improving, and infuse every action with empathy.

Wanna Join Our Team?

As a member of the fully-remote team at, you’ll get to work on popular products that impact the daily lives of over 75M students worldwide. We care deeply about you and the culture in which you’re being invited to work. As such, everyone at is empowered to move quickly, make data-informed and user-focused decisions, and never stop learning so we can continue to make education accessible to our rapidly expanding user-base.

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Currently Hiring

We care deeply about the culture at and have put together a manifesto outlining our values, communication, and product management strategies. Prospective employees will learn a great deal about what it's like to work here by reviewing it.

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From the Founder

I founded with the simple goal of helping kids learn proper touch typing skills. I never expected we would end up helping so many millions of students and teachers around the world.

With over 75 million students and over 1.7 million educators using our products in their classrooms and home, we are proud to continue providing the best educational experience possible.

We might not be able to call ourselves a start-up anymore, but we still foster the same excitement and drive to change the future of education.

Founder | President

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